Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Custom Look

Charlize Theron
Log Item: I am a bit disconcerted that Charlize Theron has not called, looking for a ride on my scooter. It's true that I have not reached out to her and asked her if she wanted to go for a run along the coast, up into the Big Bear Lake area (mountains near LA), or along Angeles Crest (skyline drive north of Los Angeles). However I am not one to do the asking. It makes me look desperate.

Sean Penn
Maybe I need to start dropping a few hints...or would that get me arrested for being a stalker?

Sean Penn is her boyfriend, and I'm guessing that he's really not man enough for her. I mean, does HE ride a Diavel? No, he rides a trendy bicycle. I'm guessing that will eventually send his lady looking for something a bit more exciting. There are rumors in the tabloids that she's getting bored with Sean. I suspect that he's simply not "bad enough".

If Steve McQueen was alive today, what kind of motorcycle would he be riding? The question is rhetorical. We all know the answer to that question.

Rant: Most of the Diavels that I have seen - even older ones back to the first bikes that rolled out of the factory in 2011 - look very close to stock. But they're not all like that and there are a few different looks below to show you -- some paint and customizing schemes that you may with to apply to your Diavel. 

Lone Star Classic

Whether or not it's overdone depends on your perspective. It's a drag bike/track bike, it's Texas and there you go.

White, chopped

This look appeals to me more than it should. It's definitely not "me". If I was seventeen, maybe? The mirrors down, the bobbed seat and all is slightly over the top. I would want to know how the pipes sound before I took a shot at the modified exhaust.

More bucks than brains

This entry comes from Japan and somebody needs to be spanked for ruining a Diavel.


The flames don't work for me. If I had a roadster, I would have flames on it simply because it's a roadster. They work on some Harley Davidsons. But on a Ducati, really?

Dropped one too many tabs of acid

I have no idea what they were going for, but they missed the mark. This hurts my eyes.


All I can think is that somebody wanted to slap custom paint on a Diavel. If you're going to do that, you need to give it some thought. Or am I off base?


The black bike - just the black bike - looks pretty good.


  1. I'm with you the stock one looks the best. This bike is about the rider not the bike.

    1. The rider needs to enjoy the bike. You're 100% correct. If you paint it purple and you enjoy it, that's fine. In terms of performance it's very heavy rider-defined. I'm not a great rider, but I've been riding for a long time. It's not unlike pilots: There are old riders and there are bold riders, but there are no old, bold riders.

    2. I like Stock too.

      Charlize hasn't been in touch? Surprised. I'll text her and sort it out.

    3. I'm thinking that she might be in the middle of a big movie deal or something and when she'd done, she'll come BEGGING.