Friday, May 29, 2015

Lunch Run

Newport Beach Area 
Log Item: It's Friday... Since life definitely is a beach, after the usual preliminaries, I made phone calls early, cleared my lunch calendar and headed for the coast. Some of you who read this blog will ask yourselves, "Doesn't that bum ever do a lick of work?"

Work to me is, "thinking lofty thoughts". (Be careful not to step in the bullshit.) And I can think on the scooter.

My daughter, Emilie, volunteered to go with me to keep me out of mischief. Is she going because I told her that I was going to the Crab Cooker for lunch? Quite possibly.

There are five islands in Newport Beach, California: Balboa Island, Bay Island, Collins Island, Harbor Island, Linda Isle (too snobby to be called "Island") and Newport Island. I decided to lunch  on the Islands and surrounding mainland of the Balboa Peninsula, Lido Isle (not an Island) and Corona del Mar --- with a dash back to handle the afternoon horsefeathers.

There are worse things to do than spend lunch on the islands when you're riding the Devil. Here is a video that I took from the cell phone while crossing Newport Harbor on the ferry, headed for lunch.

Stills from that event:

Context shot: the line-up to board.
The lady behind me is not a "local". You can tell by the girth of the woman.
Emilie took a pause for the cause to text somebody.

Lunch at the Crab Cooker:

It's across the street from the Newport Pier. A mile down the road there is
another pier, The Balboa Pier (across from the Ferry).

Emilie waits patiently for me to take a photo before she goes in and gorges.

We both ordered basically the same thing. Shrimp skewered with bacon, cooked
over Mesquite coals, roasted cheese potatoes and cole slaw.

The Devil, now satisfied...back to the salt mine.


  1. You do have a beautiful daughter... and bike. I think it is awesome that she would temp fate and the Gods to ride with you just for lunch.

    1. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep on the ride back -- really. I've been riding her around on the back of muscle bikes since she was old enough to sit on one, so she feels bullet proof when she's with me. Which makes me drive all that more carefully.

  2. Is that the shadow of a training wheel I see...

    You have beautiful daughters and grandkids, what a fortunate man you are.

    1. It's the shadow of something...