Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ducati ST-3

If you send me a photo of your Ducati, I will post it here on this blog. MB didn't invite me to do a bio, but because just slapping a picture of the scooter and the airplane (taken last week) on the blog didn't seem adequate, I took the liberty.

Log Item: This is MB's Ducati ST 3 at Stead Airport, Reno, NV.

The ST3 is an Italian sport touring motorcycle, made between 2004 and 2007. It uses the Desmotre 90° V-twin motor. It is a trellis framed sports tourer. The Desmotre bottom end was derived from the 1000 DS Desmodue, with the water pump in the alternator cover.

Bio: MB likes anything that goes fast and is an avid aviation enthusiast/pilot.  She's pictured below standing next to her Cessna 182 Wren (modified for short take off and landing with canards). She's been a reporter for the NBC News affiliate in Las Vegas and was station manager of the NBC television affiliate in Reno, NV.  She's vice-chairman of the US Championship Air Races/Reno Air Show held at Stead Airport, North of Reno, every year, and is currently president of the Nevada Broadcaster's Association.
She plays keyboard in a jazz band in Reno, "The Smokin' Rats". 
Though it pains me to write this, she also owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a pink AR-15.