Sunday, May 17, 2015


Log Item: I'm usually not the first person to gravitate to after market items on a motorcycle, however the two-into-one Growler exhaust system has the appeal of a louder, throatier system that the stock one-into-one Ducati exhausts. 

What do you think?

My sense is that a motorcycle has to be annoyingly loud without being completely obnoxious.

Stock Diavel, stock pipes.
I did some research. From what I have learned, Ducati performed a number of noise tests including focus groups to find out how loud was loud enough without disturbing people... So that's the tuned Ducati exhausts that I have.

From a style perspective, the stock exhausts look good. They really do. But they are not loud enough.

Log Item: Annoying old people. A couple, fifty-something going on about one hundred, had some less than flattering remarks about the bike and me. I barely know this gentrifying couple, but they hang with my sister-in-law. They have boring jobs, a boring house and go on boring vacations, don't listen to Metalica, likely think themselves too old for sexual intercourse, etc.  That's all on them.

They made a comment that I'm too old to ride a motorcycle, projecting their boring lives onto my life and presuming that they know me (which they really don't) and my preferences, which include riding the devil.

I don't pity the gentrifying/ossifying/dead at 50 couple. Life offers you two things -- only two. Life, and the ability to choose how you are going to live it. We all can choose.


  1. I like the look of the 2 in 1 -- and loud is good. It's a Devil.

  2. I don't think of myself as ossifying, but I detest loud motorcycles. It is my biggest issue with the beasts, second only to the fact that more people die due to motorcycle wrecks than like anything else ever in the world all combined.
    Take away:
    A) Stay on the bike -- don't die.
    B) Don't be obnoxious.

    1. If they're loud, you can locate them when you're in traffic with the stereo turned up and the kids are screaming. And I'm not talking about open exhausts (straight pipes), just a bit louder than stock...and growling.

  3. There in lies the beauty of being a berserker, you can growl as loud as you darn well please.
    I like growlers... a bit hoppy, with a hint of smokiness, in those cute little glasses

    1. I don't think that I will be buying new pipes anytime soon, but it's nice to know what's out there and it's fun to shop...for guy stuff.