Sunday, May 3, 2015

Goofing off on Sunday

Inside the cargo bay of a C-14 Globemaster III
Log Item: The grandsons (three of them from six months to six years), my daughter, Amanda and son-in-law, Braden went to the Chino Air Show this morning.

We crawled through a couple of active duty aircraft such as the C-17 (right) and a P-3C (not pictured). I never rode in a C-17 on active duty but did share the time that a P-3C "rescued" me in 1988 from Efete, Vanuatu. Long story, one of those "I was there" war stories that nobody cares about. 

The weather was excellent and the warbirds that flew at the show were all inspiring. The boys favored the P-38 Lightning even over the F-22 Raptors, both of which flew and entertained all who were in attendance.

We came back to the house and I took my six year old grandson, Griffin on a ride around the block on the Diavel. He hadn't been on it yet.

When we started, he said that he was afraid. When it ended, his mother/my daughter asked him what he thought. He said that he wanted to go on another ride.

Amanda (oldest daughter) and I also went for a short ride. She said that she always enjoyed riding with me when she was young. I took her on the back of a 10 speed when she was a baby and on a motorcycle when she was old enough to hang on. I'm sure that I'll have passengers for a few weekend jaunts as they get older. 

Equipment: The stand is an added feature to the scooter. It's useful to keep the bike upright in the presence of curious grandsons. 


  1. What an awesome day: grandkids, airshow, great weather, and a ride on the Diavel!
    Where there helos at the air show?

    1. There were a few helicopters at the show. I didn't take photos of the boys around them because there were crowds. The Chino Airport is home to the "Planes of Fame" and the "Confederate Air Force". As such it is very heavy in flying WW2 war birds, which are infinitely cool. The USAF did send F-22 Raptors (not to be confused with my pick-up truck).