Thursday, May 14, 2015

Big Bear Run

Log Item: 

The Plan -- Every second Wednesday of the month, a Riding Group goes somewhere. The ride is for people who are free during the day, midweek. My sense is that they are either hard core unemployables with a trust fund or they're old. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I signed up for the run, not knowing a soul, but fitting the first category without a trust fund and the last because of the cruel ravages of time.

As I understand it, members of the group ride all sorts of machines. There are CanAm Spyders in the group (trikes) so it can't be that hard core. In fact it may be a bit too soft-core for my tastes. The other option is a Ducati group but those folks wear leathers and if I bought leathers, I wouldn't look like a sexy European. I'd look like an old Elvis with white hair wearing a leather jumpsuit. Truth be told, leathers on women are hot but on guys...they are a bit too AC/DC for my tastes. 

The schedule calls for a 150 mile run from Ontario, CA, up the mountain on State Route 330/18  to Big Bear Lake. They plan to have a Mexican food lunch at the Sonora Cantina in Big Bear. The run will continue on State Route 38 back down the mountain through Angeles Oaks. The road up is twisty and the road down is a bit more relaxed.

The Execution of the Plan -- 15 bikes (11 men on motorcycles, 4 women on Can-Am tricycles)

Highway 330 at the base of the mountain.

No, the photos aren't inspiring but when you're with a group, it's difficult to scuttle off and take scenery shots. Big Bear Lake is FULL of water despite the severe draught.

While in Big Bear, in an effort to support the local nature animal rescue center, we went there, donated some money and then left.

When you're cool, the sun shines wherever you are. Yes, there's a .45 in a shoulder holster and a tomahawk under the jacket.

Rescued Grizzly Bear

Rescued Bald Eagle.

Rescued Wolf

Rescued Coyote

The women riding CanAm's were not in the same shape as the lady (below)...

Appendix: A parting thought and a pause for the cause.
Cowgirls need to learn to ride motorcycles


  1. Haha, and you're going to be popular with them for that comment!

    1. You know me, the very soul of candor...