Saturday, May 2, 2015

Parts in a Box

Log Item: I now have the Diavel resting in a Pit Bull stand when it's in the garage. The grandsons have a natural attraction to the bike and I don't want them horsing around on the machine only to have it fall over on them. Of course, the bike is off limits, but young boys...yeah, I was one once.

Rant: I don't know what your experience is...and I may be a bit naive, but when I ordered a parts kit that will allow me to put a back rest and grab rails for a passenger on the back of the Diavel, there were a lot of parts but no instructions. I went on-line. Nothing. No YouTube video instruction. Nothing.  There is a lot that needs to come off the machine so that the passenger gear can go on.

Gear necessary to haul a passenger
Most of my motorcycle riding is solo, but IF you want to put somebody in a "two-up" riding posture, there are a lot of modifications necessary including re-wiring the rear lighting systemand adding more conventional looking (nerdy) tale and turn indicator lights in addition to the cool rear lights. The  pannier bracket (pictured to the right-above, sitting on the box) is required to install the passenger's backrest (that keeps passengers on the bike when you accelerate) and allows them to hang on for dear life.  I didn't buy the panniers (suitcases) for the bike. There are levels of comfort that I am not willing to afford a passenger. (see Q and A below) 

I hear you asking what the cost of this passenger accommodation is. Yes, well, there is that too. Between buying a very good helmet and the running gear, it's roughly $1,000.00. Is that a high price to pay for company? Many will affirm that it is. I think that the jury is out on that one. 

This is what the Ducati accessories website says that it should look like
(without the red paint on the bike) when it's installed.

Passenger Q and A: 

Q: Do you plan to put a CB radio on the bike or to add an entertainment system?

A: No. If the passenger isn't entertained sufficiently, I'll loosen the bolts holding the back rest on and pop a wheelie at 80 mph... It's a motorcycle, not a car, not an executive jet cabin, and not a yacht. I don't serve vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred) on the scooter, either. 

Q: Can guys ride on the back of the Diavel?

A: No, not ever - never. Lady parts pushing against my back are fine, but I'm not going to do the sausage fest thing.

Q: What if a passenger wants to bring a purse or a water bottle?

A: She can put the bottle in her pocket and hope that it doesn't leak. I'm not putting an attachment on the scooter that holds a water bottle,  a purse or any sort of female equipment bag. That is what jacket pockets are for.

Q: What if the lady is scantily clad (Fruit-of-the-Lomb halter and Daisy Duke cut-offs) and has no place to put her necessaries?

A: Hmmm, in that case, I'll pack her female necessities in my jacket pocket.


  1. Just thought I would weigh in here with a comment that you will probably dismiss outright: return those passenger parts for a refund.

    The Ducati Diavel is not meant for passengers, ever, male or female. If you have a hankerin' to take somebody for a ride on your motorcycle, LL, just buy a spare 1988 Honda Goldwing. Those are fine for passengers.

    You are attempting to mess with the primal forces of nature (a line out of 'Network', 1976, delivered with oomph by Ned Beatty). Why not put a back seat in a 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster, while you are at it? And then add two rear doors, that will really accent your modification.

    The motorcycle gods will not look kindly upon your desecration of their work.

    1. There is a Ducati Strada -- a Diavel that comes with basic touring stuff. So they did think of that when they made the bike. AND I can take the back rest off easily. It leaves me with those grab handle brackets, but that's not heavy desecration.

  2. In agreement with Fredd here, you are desecrating a beautiful machine! They are never going to let you in the Vespa club anyway...

    1. No, it's a machine that Vespas worship.

      But it's fun to have somebody to share experiences with isn't it?

  3. I wouldn't know about the having company thing,
    ever since those infamous words penned by LL about the viking grandma with attitude... TYVM

    1. You mean the cattle prod in one hand and the .45 in the other? Berserker...

  4. Interesting back rest post -- I remember getting a ride on a friend's "Bonny" (Bonneville) back in the day. He cunningly ramped the machine up to a "ton" and suddenly ducked down! I nearly flew off the back but didn't because I had a good hold under the seat, fortunately.

    It was kind of neat flying along the streets of 'Nam (Cheltenham) at 100 mph -- and look, before you completely scorn me, bear in mind they're small streets...

    1. I lived in Britain and know the streets. Furthermore, they're almost always wet. I never understood the value of a motorcycle there (feeling that wet streets are impossibly dangerous).

  5. I think you have the right idea and are drawing appropriate boundaries. Side note: girls in daisy dukes are a supreme hassle, but they seem to get away with it... :)

    1. You would look fabulous in Daisy Dukes...and I'm sure that you get away with it.