Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is it a "Cruiser"?

Rant: Ducati is adamant that the Diavel is not a "cruiser".

This is the traditional cruiser:

The Diavel is clearly not much like a Honda Goldwing with the exception that they both have two wheels. 

This is the traditional sport bike:

The Diavel is closer to the Kawasaki Ninja H2 than it is to the Goldwing. It's almost as fast as the Ninja, but not quite. Riding the Ninja requires that you lay down over the fuel tank and grab the "clip on" handle bars. Most people who ride Ninjas also wear traditional racing leathers (that look a little gay to me).

Ducati intended that the Diavel join an increasingly large class of super cruising bikes that allow you a comfortable ride (despite what Brighid's grandson asserts) and genuine performance. They're not like owning a wolverine (Fredd's Kawasaki 750 two-stroke) even though they can pull a wheelie well in excess of 80 mph if that's what you want to do with them. You can pull the front end up at 100 mph without a lot of effort. I haven't, but the beast between your legs asserts itself to the extent that you want to take it up on the offer.

Harley Davidson entered the market with its V-Rod, that doesn't look much like a traditional Harley, but neither does it have the guts to run with the likes of the Ducati. Kawasaki has the Ninja ZX-14R, but it's still more of a sport bike even though you can ride a passenger on behind (in theory).

Log Item: The Diavel has been getting 35.2 mpg average. The computer tracks fuel consumption rather closely and it reads out on the lower screen. The photo right shows 31.9. My anticipation of mileage was that it would get roughly what a passenger car does and I haven't been disappointed. If you want economy, best buy a Vespa or a moped.  
Ducati covers the motorcycle for all parts and labor for 24 months under warranty, irrespective of mileage. The first major service occurs at 15,000 miles.

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