Saturday, June 27, 2015


Log Item: I now have a Kydex sheath for my kukri, and it's looped to hold the knife parallel to my belt. Thus, I can ride and it rests above the back seat comfortably. When I get off the bike, the kukri gets off the bike too. Yes, it's a left hand draw set-up (left hand, knuckles in, lift the blade) because the handgun gets the strong-hand.

I ordered the sheath from friends in Katmandu, Nepal, and they made it specially for my application. In the top photo, you see the Kydex sheath and the three chirra kukri. (11 inch high carbon steel blade, 18 inches overall length, blade width at the top of the fuller is 3/16 inch)

In the photo below, you will note that the knife is being drawn from the sheath. The top breaks open as you draw the knife to allow for a very clean draw forward or upward. Getting it right with the Nepalese was important, because a standard kukri sheath holds the knife far more loosely to allow the angle to clear the top of the sheath.

It's a good motorcycle knife for benign carry in an increasingly hostile and angry world. If people get too upset over the knife, I'll convert and become a Sikh (thus an oppressed minority). Sikhs are allowed to carry knives as part of their faith - even in Canada. Could I fit a turban under my motorcycle helmet? I'd rather not try. The Canadians will allow Sikhs to wear knives but refuse to allow them to wear turbans in lieu of a motorcycle helmet. Then again, I'm not in Canada.

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