Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dirty Devil

Log Item:  It's one of those lazy days here at the homestead and I am cleaning the devil, checking chain tension, cleaning the chain and adding some chain lube to keep the drive system on the bike up to par.

I use Motul Chain Clean (C1) and Motul Chain Lube (C2). There are all sorts of chain lubes on the market. I either use Maxima Chain Wax or Motul (which incorporates wax with the lube). Non fling free lubes go everywhere like someone poured a quart of motor oil on your wheel when going 55. Other brands' anti-fling lubes tend to clump and fling sticky clumps to your wheel and the left side of the tail. WD40 is a disaster. People say they love it. Those people have chains that last 2,000 miles.

Once-over cleaning ever 500 miles
I clean and lube the chain at least every 600 miles. This cleaning job was made at about the 500 mile mark. Cleaning the chain also means cleaning around the chain where grit and grime accumulates. Every 1,000 miles, I take off fenders and covers and give it a thorough cleaning but that's not today.

Cleaning the chain is simple. Put a rag behind the chain to protect the tire and wheel from overspray and then spray down the full run of chain. It  makes sense to check the chain tension for tight spots when you do that.

Lubing the chain requires that you put the same rag behind the chain while you apply the lube, wiping the chain plates clean while you're doing it. If they don't come fully clean, you may need to repeat the cleaning process.

It's a good opportunity to check oil and brake fluid levels as well as inspecting the entire machine.

Giving the bike a once-over while you wipe the dust out of nooks and crannies
helps to inspire confidence in the machine's status when you're putting it through
its paces on the street.


  1. Baby needs a bath every now and then. Else it will begin to stink and slow down and get grumpy.

    1. Chain life is important to me because (a) they're expensive and I'm cheap (b) a broken chain while you're driving can destroy the entire transmission and strand me in some hell-hole as karma beats me like an unwanted stepchild.