Thursday, June 18, 2015

Then and Now

Straw Poll: Should I take the two-up tandem set up off temporarily and return the Ducati to the stock one rider configuration or leave it as is? Dare I weather the wrath of a daughter?

Log Item: Can you spot the differences between the old Diavel and the new Diavel. It's interesting (if only to Ducati drivers, when two devils meet.

2012 Diavel (left) 2015 Diavel (right)
Crib Note: Most of the differences are in the engine (new for 2013).


  1. Since you asked, allow me to weigh in: take it back to stock. And besides, motorcycles were not meant for two riders, anyway. None of them. Particularly death machines like these things that are capable of 170 mph.

    1. The place that it's most difficult with two riders is where it's most fun - doing corners where the passenger squirms or wants to "help you balance" or when splitting traffic and the passenger does the same.