Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is a Baja Run in the Future?

This begins the second month of Diavel blogging. I thought that it would be appropriate to begin by sharing a trip possibility (but by no means an eventuality).

Musing: I have been thinking about some long-runs for the Ducati (pre-trailer) and one of them was to make a run from home to the tip of Baja (possibly with a chase car in the mix). I hit the Google button and it's been done. You can watch it here. The same thing that concerned me --- fuel --- hit the guy who made this trip, as well. The Devil drinks fuel like, well, like the devil. You have between 150 and 200 miles depending on how you're whipping the Devil before the yellow light comes on. No more than that.
The video shows the Diavel Strada, which is more or less what my scooter is becoming. Ducati stopped making the Strada version in 2013.
Having a chase car makes sense, because I'd put spare fuel on it and all of my "stuff" rather than just strapping it to the back of the scooter. That's a rather long logistics train (traveling heavy) for a bike ride, but it's Baja. My vision included camping on the beach, etc. and there's simply not enough gear to haul on the motorcycle to make all of that the least big comfortable. (I'm not twenty anymore and I am a bit spoiled for basic comfort.) I had also thought to film a ride like that but as you see, it's been done.

I may try this run in the autumn even though I would not be charging down a road less followed.

I need to get LSP to come out to the coast and drive the Raptor/Chase car.

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