Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Taking it Tactical (Part 2)

Ducati Monster - I've thought of doing something like this with a Diavel, transforming it from stock into a bike with a more promising military application.

Am I going to cut up my Diavel? No. I'm going to scour the local junk yards for a wreck to rebuild.

UK - Tactical

Their motto is that "you meet the nicest people on a Honda...

British Army, Royal Signals Corps on Honda R250's in Iraq

US Entry to Tactical Motorcycles

USMC, keeping it real, preparing for deployment to Iraq
The US Marine Corps' HDT M103M1 uses the chassis, a few engine components and all the internal transmission parts of the Kawasaki KLR650. The difference comes with the fuel. This is a diesel /JP-8 motorcycle. It is sluggish, but it gets nearly 100 miles per gallon

Answer to the Mystery Question from "Taking it Tactical (Part 1), the motorcycle below is a Honda Goldwing.


  1. The first pic is more Madd Max. I like the last one. Great for Atlanta midtown traffic.

    1. You could wait for the dystopian future to come to pass and use the first one to get beyond Thunderdome. The last one would also be fun for eliminating feral cats in the neighborhood.

  2. Nothing says war bike like a 45 cubic inch (750cc for you European types) flat head Harley Davidson, with springer front suspension and hard tail, the early 1940's pumped out thousands of them for the war effort, they are still around.

    Now THAT was a war bike.

    1. With a side car that mounted a .30 Browning machine gun.

    2. With a BAR mounted on that side car, most definitely a 'must have' for your average Hells Angel or Outlaw.

    3. If the Pentagon specified a "sidecar" these days, it would end up weighing eight tons, the motorcycle that pushed it would need a gas turbine engine to move it, and it would cost $100 million.