Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Not Quite Naked

Log Item: I've been casting about for a windscreen for the she-devil for some time now. There are websites that advertise them, but they've been back-ordered or out-of-stock. However, I think that I've finally found one, and I ordered it.

It may seem more than just a little bit dorky to buy a windscreen for the Diavel, but since I'm all about comfort, and far less concerned with the overall vibe that I give off, I think that it will work. There is a lot of wind pressure that comes at you above about 60 mph, and this is designed to reduce that and make the ride a bit more comfortable. It's not a windshield in the classic sense.

Having driven through Texas recently with the moisture and the volume of flying insects, I felt a bit grateful that I was in the pick-up and not on the Diavel.

PS - I hadn't driven the Diavel for two weeks and just got on it for a short run and ended up driving it for two hours. It's poetry in motion, and it's the one year anniversary of my she-devil. Happy Birthday, Diavel!!!


  1. I hope its tinted so you look even cooler?

    However, If you opened your mouth when riding the amount of protein you could digest would be pretty filling.

    Makes sense to me. Happy Birthday, Devil lady.

    1. You can tell a happy motorcycle rider by the bugs on his teeth.

      (yes, of course it's tinted dark smoke)

  2. From my experiences ride a bike, I can see the need for a windscreen. It saves on brushing the bugs off your teeth or scraping them off your glasses or face cover. Bug goop is not easy to see through.

    1. Yes. It also deflects pea gravel and other nasties that I absorb at present.