Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Log Item

Log Item: While Europe is working to cope with a million military age Muslim male refugees from Syria and North Africa that they allowed in; and while Brussels is picking up the pieces after Muslims bombed the airport and train stations, I put my tax returns in the mail along with substantial checks for additional money to keep the government open.  I hashed out some issues with an upcoming business trip to Dallas. Then I went out and looked at some tires that a guy I know is selling. They're new Pirelli super corse V2 SPs.

The real question is whether to buy the tires at what is substantively full pop retail. I do try to be a nice guy, but, come on. I wouldn't normally pay retail for tires in any event.  And this brings me to my point. Just because you bought tires at an inflated price - and then fell on hard times, does it morally obligate me to take them off your hands at a price I would not normally pay?

I didn't buy the tires. 

Owning a Ducati Diavel is to be an eternal slave to modification fever. I have resisted breaking from the flat black paint scheme, from buying new 2 into 1 (louder) exhaust/muffler schemes and other doo-dads that I would have put on a V-Max if I'd gone that way instead of toward the Diavel.

When you're riding the Diavel, it feels as if it is really part of you. It's as though you and the bike and the road meld into one instrument. The bike is light compared to other cruiser-style machines and the power-to-weight ratio is exceptionally positive. I'm obsessed.


  1. Glad you aren't trick'n the Diavel...

  2. You can't improve on perfect... or near perfect. Once you start, I believe, no matter how pretty or loud you make it, you will not have the beauty of the original bike. The same with women.

  3. I'm glad to hear you held out, Larry. She is a very sexy bike. I love that black and white shot.

    1. I've had the Diavel for about a year now, and it's still pristine without modifications. Eventually I'll succumb...but not today.