Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, She-Devil

Log Item: It's the Diavel's first birthday and while I will take her out for a ride later in celebration, I did install the windscreen described in the previous post.  As you would expect from parts made in China (and marketed in the USA), the installation instructions were completely worthless. Real men don't need instructions nor will we accept driving directions to a destination. We manage it intuitively! 

By way of confession, I was into the mechanical exploration about two minutes when I discovered that the Diavel was designed to have a windscreen installed, and all I had to do to prep the work was pull off two parts and four bolts. Installing the after-market part required that I take it apart (which I am pre-disposed to do anyway) before I could slap it on. 

Actual installation took about twenty minutes from start to finish with me taking my time. So yeah, it was not rocket science even with deciding what to do absent coherent instructions from the manufacturer. Puig is a Spanish company that manufactures in China. The windscreen was OEM for the touring model of the Diavel, thus:
  • A Spanish (Puig - pronounced Pooge with a 'soft g') company making OEM 
  • To Ducati's Italian design
  • In China
  • With the principal instructions in German because Audi owns Ducati
Made the instructions worthless.

The windscreen does have variable geometry to please the individual rider.

Screen full back
Screen full forward

Changing the position of the windscreen can be managed by the rider while riding (under about 40 mph - over that speed puts a lot of pressure on the screen to go full back). I think that I'll end up using it with the screen pointed full back rather than straight-up because of how it feels.

Rider's view
Side aspect view


  1. Look'n pretty bad ass, intuitively!

  2. Ooh you real man, you! Well she looks perrrty. I hope you take her out so she can show off next to her inferior models.

    1. Friends invited me to go on a run today to Julian, CA (apple country - inland San Diego County), and I had to decline because today is the big air show at March Air Force Base and the grandsons need to smell the JP-8 and see the Thunderbirds fly.