Friday, October 28, 2016


Log Item - My daughter, Emilie (princess of the 'selfie') is in town and wanted to go out and fetch lunch. So we rolled out on the She-Devil and roared away. 

I do a pre-ride check in much the way that a pilot would check his aircraft. Everything looked solid. But about two miles from the house, the bike began to sputter. 

The gauge showed 2/3 of a tank of fuel, but since motorcycle gauges are notoriously quirky, I smelled a rat. The bike died. I had spark, but likely no fuel. I popped the tank and since I couldn't see to the bottom, I couldn't tell. 

So I pushed the motorcycle (up hill) to the nearest gas station, with Emilie cheering me on. The tank took 4.1 gallons...yes, I had a bone dry tank, but the gauge still showed 2/3 full.

We continued on the trip, bought lunch, ate it, drove to a gun store, looked at toys, and then drove home. The fuel tank still showed 2/3 full...

Two-up riding is fun and when something goes wrong, it's a story that you can both tell.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is it Wrong to Love a Motorcycle?

Log Item: A friendly blogger recently asked me whether or not I still had/rode the Diavel. The She-Devil isn't going away. I have been riding intermittently but haven't been blogging about it or taking pictures. Maybe it's because I haven't been making modifications to the scooter that I haven't been boasting about this or that. A year and a half later and I still love the bike. I paid off the small loan that I took out when I bought the bike and it's mine-all-mine. 

As the photo (right) illustrates, the motorcycle is important to me...

I do have a role model who rides a motorcycle very much like mine. I've posted photos below: