Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day Romp

Log Item: The Diavel gets no criticism from the Harley Riders at dive bars. I realize that you will immediately ask what I would be doing in a biker bar, full of bearded hawg lovers and their syphilitic, tattooed women. Sometimes I ask myself the same question, but a live band was playing and I was bored and it's Labor Day Weekend. So I showed up riding the Devil. Yes, it was fun, the atmosphere was cool, the music was poorly played but that's because the band was drunk. (not like this at all) It underscored the fact that at some point in the future I will need to weaken and buy or build a Harley D to my own specs. 

Then I went to a Mexican dive bar made up of primarily Mexican bikers because the food is better and I needed to have dinner. No problems there either. If I can survive the tough world of narco-Mexico, I can deal with the SoCal Mexicans. Everyone was in a good mood until an inner city person showed up and the brown left the black a little blue. I stayed out of it. I did look in on the soul brother before I left (in an ally behind the bar) and he was breathing. 

New 2017 Diavel...sweet.
My point is that nobody really has much to say negative about the Diavel or a person riding the Diavel. They accept that if you have the bike, you plan to keep the bike and wouldn't take kindly to anyone touching the bike -- but most bike bars, Mexican or traditional (segregated not by law but by practice) don't have people out messing with your bike. It's how bikers get killed and an armed society is usually polite. Unless you're a boogie without the sense to know when you're in the wrong neighborhood.