Monday, April 18, 2016

California Dreaming with the She-Devil

Log Item: The weather is just about perfect for bike riding in the morning in SoCal. Clear skies, temps in the mid-70's to 80 (going warmer in the afternoon). It's important to have a clear head and the best way to do that is to ride because to ride safely and enjoyably, you MUST live in the moment.

I'm still getting accustomed to the new windscreen, but I don't have anything negative to report. It does what I wanted it to do. The photo (left) shows the adjustment bar and lock/unlock feature that allows the rider to make adjustments to the windscreen geometry on the fly.

One or other of my daughters was using my den for a project and decided to light-finger my stapler, so I had plans to go to Staples today and buy another one. The problem with riding the she-devil is that once I get into it, I really don't want to stop and go into a store to buy a desk-top stapler. So I didn't. A paper clip will do for now.

As you might have read, there is a big 9/11 victory mosque going in down the street from my house, which vastly expands the capacity of the small mosque that is there now. There goes the neighborhood. Muslims don't ride motorcycles. It may violate their faith? I see the men walking to the mosque with their wives trailing a respectful distance behind. They couldn't fit all the wives on one motorcycle even with a sidecar. That's possibly the reason.  Another possible reason is that Muslim men can't wear those long shirts/nightshirts/dress-like tops that they wear and ride on a motorcycle. They could still wear the beanies under a helmet the way that they do under a turban. Then again, maybe they prefer a flying carpet? Who knows?

There are times when I prefer the fighter pilot style visor to sunglasses when I'm riding the Devil. I don't always use it, but if the mood strikes me, it works. (below) It's especially good when I'm driving into the rising or setting sun and need double tint to the sunglasses.

I pulled the bike in at the house to do some work, but ended up blogging - so much for my vaunted and flaunted work ethic.

Normally I pull the devil into the garage but there is this coupon to Chipotle for a free burrito (with purchase of a soft drink) that came in the mail. I plan to cash it in for lunch. Free has a flavor profile all its own. 

The $10/hr workers at Chipotle like my Ducati.  One of the people there who's working - not chopping him for that - asked how I afforded the she-devil. I said that I found a job where I buy (or get free) burritos - and don't have to slide them down the assembly line to the next station. He nodded and said that he's in community college. I asked his major. He said, "Hispanic Studies". I counseled him not to quit his day job at Chipotle. 

Do I have too many cars? I think that I do, but I need different rigs for
different things. It's much like trying to limit myself to one firearm or to
one wrench.


  1. You used a bloody paper-clip? :)
    Cool helmet - better than a turban.
    I absolutely relate to the free thing. That anglo blood from the old land must be bubbling up. Hispanic studies is a very important, University soft option and can be used to further enhance one's burritos.
    You can never have too many cars. You don't have a Vantage yet. Kinda disappointed to be honest...

  2. Yes, it's better to wear a helmet than a turban, unless you're a Muslim driving a flying carpet. Then I think that a turban is required.

  3. Got two motorcycle jokes for you, LL:

    1. What's the difference between a Harley Davidson and a Hoover vacuum cleaner? The location of the dirt bag.

    2. How are a Harley Davidson and a Hoover vacuum cleaner similar? They both suck.

    Word to the wise: don't repeat these jokes in a biker bar. Just don't do it.

    1. Or to the dear mother of a Road King warrior... if you value your hide...

    2. Ok, I'll remain silent, Brighid for the sake of the Corpsman/warrior...who would prefer a Diavel if he ever test rode one. But I'm not quibbling. Fredd, feel free to continue to share your observations, because there is a not-so-subtle truth involved.

    3. The Road King warrior is my son, so don't hold back on account of the Corpsman grandson...

  4. Wind screen looks cool,smaller than I thought it would be.
    Ride On!

    When are you leveling the mosaic and putting in a community pool? I'm willing to donate my "landscaping" expertise...

    1. The wind screen works to deflect the breeze. I think that I'll tilt it full up if it needs to deflect rain or hail.