Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bike Wash Photos

Log Item: There was a carnival atmosphere today at the Ducati dealership in Brea, CA, and the Foothill Ducati Owner's Club was there to participate in the bacchanalian atmosphere of free food, horsepower on two wheels and women washing bikes for fun and profit.

The Foothill Ducati Club is officially sanctioned by Ducati (Italy) and has about 55 members based on the latest count. Of the 55, three have Diavels, and mine is the only Devil which is completely flat black.

If you want suds, they give you suds. If you want to pitch in and help the young ladies wash your Ducati, they don't mind.

Getting wet is half the fun, and when the guys get a bit dirty, the solution is to wash them too. You'll notice from the audience in the background, that the bike owners present were almost universally male. 


  1. LOL... Pictures of you and the Diavel gett'n the wash down, or it's just words on paper!

    1. Pictures of the crew getting washed and doing the washing. The Devil sat on the sidelines, dry. I am picky about people pawing on the bike. I hand wash it with microfiber cloths and very light detergent in water (as one might wash a baby), after which I use chain degreaser to remove all of the grit, lube and grime and then re-apply chain lube.

  2. And I bet NOBODY cared when she missed a bit and didn't dry it off properly with her chamois leather.

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