Thursday, September 24, 2015

Muffler Dragging Ducati

Ducati Streetfighter
I thought of taking photos of the Foothill Ducati Club meet/greet tonight, but it took place at an outside patio on a restaurant at night and the bikes weren't parked in the light. Suffice to say there were about twenty people with the age demographic surprisingly between 35 and 55, so I didn't stand out as old. The weather was too warm for leathers and nobody wore them, which speaks to age and wisdom trumping the need to look "cool". It's a sanctioned Ducati Factory Club. I'm not sure precisely what that means except that I'll get free Ducati swag for joining.

There were Streetfighters (848cc), vintage Ducati 1000's and even a couple of unlicensed (street illegal) track bikes showed up. There are three Diavel owners in the group. Mine is the only totally flat black Ducati Diavel.  There was interest on the part of a few people in buying a Diavel for themselves and they checked out what I did. All of them wanted to ride two-up (with a passenger) and the Diavel lends itself to that better than the other Ducatis.

After dinner a few people broke off into smaller run groups. There is a limited amount of muffler dragging that can be done at night without coming to a bad end quickly.


  1. Pictured sreetfighter is nice but still prefer yours. What's with the leather thing then? Isn't this supposed to be worn in order to protect you should you come flying off your bike?

    1. It's been hot and humid. I didn't get home until about 9pm and it was uncomfortably hot and humid when I put the Devil into the garage. That's unusual for Southern California because the humidity is mostly moderate and the ocean breeze cools things off. We've had a lot of tropical moisture/rain and it makes the place feel--tropical.

  2. Are you trying to make me jealous?