Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two Year Mark

Log Item: I've had the she-devil for two years now, and I'm looking forward to the move to Arizona.  It's been something of a garage queen while worked to get the house ready to sell, with infrequent outings. 

Even today, it's going to get a run for lunch, but just the daily tasks combined with the pressure from being self-employed means that I can't take the entire day and blow it on a ride along the beach. A few miles from her to a sandwich place and back is all the love that she will have showered on her.

The realtor, who rides a Harley Davidson Softail saw the Ducati in the garage when I showed him through the house and now he's actively shopping to trade off his hogs - and opting for the Diavel. It's a sexy bike, it's light, nimble and fast. 

I purchased a motorcycle trailer to haul the bike(s) from place to place. It makes a more enjoyable ride to take the machines in a trailer for 500 miles, drop them off and ride them than it does to beat myself to death in the transit. Call me soft or old, I can take it.

The trailer (special order) has e-track tie downs, but to keep the bike upright and in good shape, I bought two Condor SC-2000 chocks (picture below). I installed two wicked large 3/16" steel backing plates underneath the deck. The trailer itself has a solid steel frame so engineering the backing plates took some effort.

Condor SC-2000
Is the second SC-2000 a bit of over kill for a dirt bike? Maybe, but who is to say that I won't get another big street bike in the future? There remains that nagging desire to build a custom Harley D on a Pacau frame with an S&S knucklehead engine and a suicide shifter.


  1. I like that, bikers in the making. Grandpa sure knows how to raise boys.

  2. No Ducati is intended for use on a freeway/highway, not even the sport-touring models.
    Back in the 90's, we used to truck/trailer our Ducs up to the No CA rural areas for weekend rides. 5-6 hrs in a truck beats the heck out of dealing with traffic on those 900sssp types, let alone what sticky rubber cost for a bike. 500 miles on the bikes was enough for the weekend.
    NEVER buy tires rated for high mileage. You want sticky. It's cheap insurance. If you fall because the Duc slid the front end, what will that cost? They tend to not have enough weight on the front end (the engine design/format puts the front wheel too far forward for good weight distribution), so sticky compound is good.