Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Electric Ducati?

A Gentle Rant: Part of why I ride a motorcycle is the pleasant roar of the motor. I've never ridden an electric motorcycle so I can't say whether the silence would be appealing or not, but I'm guessing no.
The Ducati Spirito concept is a sharp-looking design for a Ducati electric motorcycle. It’s pretty high tech, featuring a hub-center steering system, futuristic bodywork, a ridiculously narrow seat, a carbon fiber rear swingarm and of course a battery pack and electric motor in place of the usual Ducati V-twin engine.
The Ducati Spirito draws on Ducati’s past models and most recent sports bikes for design inspiration.
But how far can you ride on a battery charge? The answer to that question, based on my modest research is, 'not very far'. Maybe the goal is to save the environment in that 40 miles that you're riding between charges? 

I get that the designers are drawing really attractive pictures and while I wouldn't say 'no' to a test ride on a prototype, I remain very skeptical, and hopeful that the jet bikes make their appearance soon.

And it the mean time, I'm more than happy to ride my Diavel and see the world go by at a blur.


  1. No, no no. You may as well get a pushbike. When you get on a motorbike it's about power and freedom. You need to have that baby purr like a wild cat when you're wrapped around it.

  2. Not sure what a Ducati sounds like. But my old 1979 Triumph 750 Bonneville had a sound that was soulful. What do these electric things sound like - a food processor?

    1. The Ducati (a high compression twin) has a pleasant and easily identifiable roar. The electric bike might sound a bit more like an old electrolux vacuum cleaner.