Monday, December 14, 2015

Jet Bike

Log Item: This is the sort of jet bike that I have in mind. Sadly, the production units would seem to be unavailable at the moment and I'll have to content myself with the Diavel, which is the next best thing. However, when the Ducati jet bikes finally are realized, I urge people to drive more responsibly than they did in the video.

This Harley Davidson jet-powered bike might be a good interim
machine but it falls far short of the ideal.

Kawasaki's entry (right) into the jet bike market should be pushing Ducati - but I'm not feeling the love from Italy at the moment.

The need for more horsepower and the flexibility to pop over cars and trucks that pose a barrier on the highway is an important concept. It's embodied in the jet bike.

It's obvious (below) that the Suzuki jet bike has taken the concept and run with it. 

It gives a whole new meaning to the term, "rice rocket".


  1. Oh my...that is just TOO cool. Want.

    1. It's clearly a superior solution to the traffic problem, though I don't rule out an ejection seat if things get too weird... as to the proles suck in traffic below when the jet bike fuel of jet fuel crashes... I haven't thought that far ahead.

  2. Seems pretty safe. They didn't get a scratch on them. I liked the cop bike with the tail gunner, though.

    1. You can't have nearly as much fun without the tail gunner.