Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Surfin Devil

Log Item: I sat at my desk and needed to do some work but the cobwebs kept me from being creatively brilliant (which is why they pay me). Solution: Road Trip! More particularly, a run along the coast between Newport Beach and Long Beach. The weather was perfect, the traffic was light and the breeze refreshed.

Along the way I decided that I needed a shave and a haircut.  There is a barber who has an open-air shop right above the surf line and offers a straight-edge razor cut, which is to my preference. There is nothing better than a full service hair cut in Korea. However one must make do with what is available and this is not bad. Chair massage, shampoo, haircut, hot towel, soap up, shave, followed by a walk to a joint that serves killer tacos. 

While I ate tacos and drank a Diet Coke, some of the locals hung around the Diavel, which is not uncommon. I'm more accustomed to it now than I was when I bought it. The front brakes seemed to be one of the points of focus.

Now, I'm back at my desk, ready to apply the genius unleashed by the Devil...and the surf.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, yeah. You post party shots all of the time, hanging in Paris, on the coast in Brittany, back home at Blackpool, etc. Having guys send over two bob bottles of wine, and all that... I'm sure you're jealous.

  2. Since I have used up all of my luck after escaping death dozens of time on my 750cc Kawasaki two-stroke triple, I can no longer straddle a two wheel vehicle and expect to survive even a 10-minute ride: God will surely find a way to whack me.

    I still find that the late 60's/early 1970s machines have a mystique that is absent in today's vehicles. I cleanse my brain on nice days in the Chicago area (all 8 of them in any given year) by running through the gears in my recently restored 1971 Triumph TR6 (with overdrive).

    Nothing like it. I rode a Schwinn Varsity 10-speed in high school, while the handsome QB with all of the cheerleaders hanging off his arms tooled around in a gorgeous yellow Triumph TR6. Now, 42 years later, I have the car of my ancient dreams.