Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Diavel Gender

Log Item: Early July - I haven't been logging a lot of miles. Most of my Ducati riding has been local and spontaneous. I want to pop out to dinner or need a morning run to clear my head, I shift some gears and let the engine roar. By the way, I've decided that my Ducati is female:
  • Since I am certain that the devil is a woman and my Diavel is called 'the devil', it was my first hint.
  • The motorcycle wants to be pampered. It want's the chain cleaned, it wants custom paint, it want to be dusted off. You get it.
  •  If I park it, men gather round it and look at it.

  • Women are expensive, as was the Diavel.
  • There is a class of driving that the Diavel just seems to enjoy more. The secret is finding out how that works and the bike is never going to tell you what gets it going.
 Log Item: I'm not much of a club guy and I don't know if this will work or not, but I found a bunch of Ducati riders locally. It might be worth a shot. I don't know that I meet the standard demographic for a Ducati rider/owner in Southern California, but it might be fun to touch base. I don't expect women to belong to the riding club. Ducatis are jealous and the group is bound to be a sausage fest.

P. S. I was accepted into the group.
This is a gathering place for all Ducati enthusiasts from the Foothills of San Gabriel Valley to the Inland Empire. Our mission is to learn, educate and ride our Ducati with fellow Ducatistas. Events will consists of bi-weekly meets, group rides, BBQs, MotoGP viewing parties and tech days. Please stay tuned for updates and events as we are still in our infancy state.


  1. Sure, blame an over expenditure of capitol on women.
    Your in love, own it...